Recycled materials
Form Case45 USD

Ribbon Romance

Level up your phone game with the Form Case and get ready to rock organic shapes, and a flawless grip. Crafted from 30% recycled PC Plastic and TPU, it survived 26 drops without a scratch. Claim your crown as the cutest of them all with our pink and white grid design, accompanied by a dancing red ribbons.
- Made of hard PC plastic and protective TPU - Military Grade MIL-STD-810G - Drop proof from 4ft - Unique Brand ID - 30% Recycled Materials - Wireless charging approved
Recycled materials
Our Form Case is designed to last with 30% recycled plastics and plastic-free recycable packaging.
One case, One bottle
For each case sold, a plastic bottle will be collected from the ocean by Tide®.
Free shipping
1 year warranty
14 day money-back guarantee

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Phone dropped a total 26 times from 4 feet height, withstanding extreme drops and shocks

Provides a dual-layer protection to your phone as it is made of hard PC plastic and TPU

A unique brand ID adding a touch of exclusivity and personalization

Made of 30% recycled materials